Cost Of Canada Visa In Nigeria Today And How To Apply

Cost Of Canada Visa In Nigeria Today And How To Apply
Cost Of Canada Visa In Nigeria Today And How To Apply

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For Nigerians aiming to travel to Canada, understanding the visa application process and its associated costs is crucial, especially with the fluctuating exchange rate of the Canadian Dollar to the Nigerian Naira.

The visa application process encompasses several categories, including student visas, work visas, visitor visas, work permits, and permanent residency, each with its specific fee structure.

Visa Application Steps:

1. Determining Visa Type: The initial step requires applicants to identify the visa category suited to their travel purpose, ranging from tourism and study to work.

2. Document Collection: Essential documents include a valid passport, application forms, photographs, financial proofs, travel plans, and category-specific documents. Applicants are advised to consult the document checklist from the Canadian embassy or consulate in Nigeria.

3. Online Application: Following document preparation, applicants must fill out the visa application form online via the Canadian government’s official visa application website, ensuring accuracy to avoid processing delays.

4. Fee Payment: Application fees, varying by visa type, are payable online with a credit card or other methods endorsed by the embassy. After payment, a receipt is issued, which is essential for future reference.

5. Visa Appointment Booking: The next step involves booking an appointment at the Visa Application Center (VAC) in Nigeria for biometric data collection.

6. Biometric Enrollment: Applicants submit their biometric data at the VAC on the appointment day. Punctuality and preparedness are vital, including carrying all necessary documents and the payment receipt.

Visa Fees:

The cost of obtaining a Canadian visa from Nigeria ranges between CAD 150 to CAD 500 (approximately N170,000 to N563,000), depending on the travel authorization type.

Payment for visa application fees in Nigeria, particularly for paper applications, is facilitated via card or cash in Naira at designated VFS offices located in Port Harcourt, Lagos, or Abuja.

The exact amount in Naira is determined by the prevailing exchange rate of the Canadian dollar against the Naira at the time of application.

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