‘Many People Don’t Need Prayers, They Need Money’ – Yul Edochie

‘Many People Don’t Need Prayers, They Need Money’ – Yul Edochie
‘Many People Don’t Need Prayers, They Need Money’ – Yul Edochie

'Many People Don't Prayers, They Need Money' – Yul Edochie

Nollywood actor cum pastor, Yul Edochie, has contended that for many people, the main issue is not prayers but money.

Sharing his thoughts in a post via his Instagram page on Saturday, the actor urged his followers to go beyond prayers and provide practical aid instead.

According to Edochie, countless individuals face real-life challenges and need urgent help that extends beyond spiritual solace.

He wrote, “Many people don’t need prayers; they just need money. Give people money whenever you can. Lots of people need help.

Meanwhile, Yul, who hosts online church services, posted on his social media timeline, emphasizing that not all deities are evil.

The actor advised his fans and followers against destroying shrines and deities.

He further commented that it was the Europeans who convinced individuals to perceive their traditions as evil, allowing them to forsake their cultural heritage and embrace European customs, which ultimately facilitated the practice of slavery.

The actor encouraged his fans to embrace their culture, noting that many deities also acknowledge God.

Yul wrote: “Stop burning shrines and deities. Not all deities are evil. Oyibo convinced us that all our ways are evil, so we could discard our ways & embrace theirs, making slavery easy.

“We need to wake up & start embracing our traditions. Many deities acknowledge God Almighty. Bringing them could bring you perpetual trouble. If you don’t understand something, leave it. If it’s not disturbing you, don’t disturb it.

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