Price Of Snail Per Kg In Nigeria

Price Of Snail Per Kg In Nigeria
Price Of Snail Per Kg In Nigeria

As the snail farming industry in Nigeria gains momentum, consumers and businesses are keenly observing the fluctuating prices of snails across different regions and seasons.

The cost of snails per kilogram is primarily influenced by the breed, with Marginata being the most expensive, followed by Achatina and Fulica.

In Lagos, a hub for snail trade, dealers offer bulk purchases at wholesale rates, presenting an economical option for buyers. The burgeoning interest in snail farming has boosted the supply, potentially lowering prices for consumers.

However, factors like transportation costs and market dynamics remain crucial in determining snail prices across Nigeria.

During the dry season, jumbo snails fetch around 2,200 naira each, whereas their price drops to 1,500 naira in the rainy season.

Similarly, point of lay Achatina Marginata snails are priced at 550 naira during the rainy season and 850 naira in the dry period.

Breeder snails see a price variation from 1,500 naira in the wet season to 2,300 naira when it’s dry.

Prices also differ based on processing, with processed snails commanding up to 14,000 naira per kg in the dry season compared to 9,000 naira in the rainy season.

Unprocessed snails are cheaper, averaging 3,500 naira per kg in the rainy season and 6,000 naira in the dry season.

The disparity in snail prices extends across various Nigerian states, often influenced by urbanization and demand levels.

Urban areas or regions with higher demand tend to have pricier snails, while rural or less populated areas might offer more affordable rates.

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